Huntingdon Racecourse is a ‘winner’ for event space

Huntingdon Racecourse is a ‘winner’ for event space


We are so excited to be at #CambsB2B taking place 22nd November at IWM Duxford.

We believe that for most, Huntingdon Racecourse may conjure images of thundering hooves and the excitement of horse racing, however, our venue has evolved into something far more versatile. Whether you’re planning a corporate gathering, product launch, or something a little special, Huntingdon Racecourse has diversified its offerings to cater to your unique needs.

The recent refurbishment of its suites is nothing short of impressive. The newly renovated spaces exude sophistication and modernity while preserving the timeless charm of the racecourse’s heritage. From intimate gatherings to grand galas, these suites are adaptable to accommodate your guests comfortably and in style.

One of the standout features of Huntingdon Racecourse is the breathtaking views it offers. The Cambridgeshire landscape unfolds before your eyes, providing a scenic backdrop that’s hard to match. Imagine sipping champagne while gazing at the rolling green hills or watching the sun dip below the horizon during a sunset soirée. It’s an experience that can only be described as magical.

Another compelling reason to choose Huntingdon Racecourse for your next event is its accessibility. Located just a stone’s throw from the historic market town of Huntingdon, this venue is well-connected and easy to reach from major cities like London, Cambridge, and Peterborough. Your guests can enjoy the tranquillity of the countryside without sacrificing convenience.

In a world where unique event venues are becoming increasingly sought after, Huntingdon Racecourse offers a splendid blend of history, elegance, and modern amenities. Its refurbished suites and stunning views are an irresistible combination, making it the perfect choice for a wide range of events.

Come and chat to the team at the event to find out how we can make your next event a ‘Winner!’